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Examine Your Site From a Client Point of View

Client-NeedsYou’ve generated tons of SEO friendly content for your blog, you’ve spent time on all of the popular social networking sites advertising your wares and offering up coupons and you’ve built a substantial e-mail list for your newsletter.  This has all translated into a giant upswing in incoming traffic, but you just aren’t seeing the conversion from “site visitor” to “actual customer” to make your heavy internet marketing efforts seem worthwhile.  The problem may not be that you aren’t getting enough traffic; it may not even be that you aren’t getting the right amount of relevant traffic – the problem may be with your site itself.

If you are seeing plenty of visits without a reasonable amount of conversions to sales, you might want to take a client’s eye view of what you site has to offer to determine if there is anything wrong with set up, function or design that might be creating a problem with your sales numbers.

The important thing during this personal examination is to completely separate any emotion or connection that you have with the design and actually attempt to use it as though you are a first time visitor.  Forget that the site is your baby and focus only whether or not what your prospective customers will see is a site that is user friendly or a site that is a hassle to navigate.

The odds are very good that your business isn’t the only game in town and that you’ve got some qualified and quality competition out there.  Don’t let all of your hard work and your intensive internet marketing campaign go to waste – make sure that your website clearly advertises your mission statement and that it is as user-friendly and easy to navigate as possible.  Remember that prospective customers can’t subscribe to your service if they can’t figure out how. Identify any bugs, glitches or potential problems and change them to make your website as easy to use as possible, and then you just may start to see that influx in traffic leading to an increase in sales.

You also need to make it easy for your visitor to contact you. Put your phone number on the header or in a sidebar that appears on every page. Also, include on every page and posting an image that takes the visitor to a contact form for them to submit. Like the one you see to the right!