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Twitter for Driving Business to your Website

twitter-150x150I have been trying over the last few months to understand the value of Twitter. My friend, Jesse Kaye, told me about it a couple of years ago. And when I looked at it back then it just seemed too simple and lacking in content to be useful or interesting. I really didn’t get it. But a lot has changed in the last two years. I recently setup my Google Buzz and attached my Twitter account to it. I am following friends and colleagues and I enjoy the connection it creates.

But feeding into my Twitter account was just one more chore that I really did not want to do. And I did not want to be part of the crowd that was tweeting out “meal choices” and other inane verbiage. I wanted to tweet out the content to my website to business people that might find my ideas interesting and helpful. I know that if I could do that I would attract more visitors to my website and that would help boost my credibility with Google.

So I set out to research how I could automate the process of pushing my website’s blog content out to my Twitter account. At this point, I have over 130 blog entries on my website. I think I have the beginnings of a body of work that is useful and interesting. But how to share that on Twitter? That was still the big challenge.

Well, we use WordPress for the programming platform on our website and on all of our client website designs. And because WordPress is an open source solution, there is a large library of add-on utilities that can be incorporated into almost any WordPress website. So, I found a plug-in called Tweet Old Posts and I set it up to tweet my postings (anything more than 7 days old) randomly to my Twitter account every 6 hours or so. I also programmed the plug-in to request people to Retweet my messages.

So, now I have a steady feed of tweeted messages going out to my Twitter account and I am getting new followers everyday! It is automatic. I just have to keep writing into my blog on my website and eventually it will get posted. Wooo hooo!!!

If you have a website that is not serving you and your business well, please feel free to contact us here at PRNRdigital. We specialize in designing websites that get traffic and convert the visitors into potential clients.