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The Strategic Use of Email Marketing

The internet is a beautiful thing. Over the years it has grown and evolved and has become a juggernaut that commands the attention of everyone and everything. You can find and do anything on the internet. You can now talk to and see your pen pal in China, you can find rare and expensive trinkets not found in stores, you can stay informed on what is happening in the world from multiple sources, and you can listen to all of today’s hit music on 103.1 FM WRNR from anywhere in the world. There are multiple ways to reach these prospective listeners all over the world. You can put yourself out there on the multiple social media platforms, you can work to build your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and you can use email.

Email was one of the first gifts the internet brought us. It was helping us stay connected long before the days of Facebook and before there were search engines. Email marketing is an art. If you are anything like me, your inbox is full of email blasts that you have not read or taken the time to delete. However, email is a very adaptable method for marketing your business. Instead of putting a thought on your social media profile that can be seen by anyone who cares to take notice, email marketing can help you directly target the people and groups you want to target, and then adapt your emails to each one. By finding a way to help personalize your emails, you can actually make your prospective listeners feel like you are talking specifically to them, even though you just sent out ten thousand identical emails.

The benefits of email marketing are vast. You can reach anyone in the world with email, and shortly after they receive the information, you will know if it hit home with them based on how they respond. Email is a tried and true method of reaching the masses, and if used properly, email marketing can help spread a local radio station like 103.1 FM WRNR to people all over the world. To listen live please visit wrnr.com!