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Building a Listener Base Through Social Media

Social Media is a huge part of our society today. It is how we stay in touch with those we love, how we kill time, and one of the greatest marketing tools a business can use. Utilizing Facebook and other social networking sites as a part of a marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to generate massive amounts of traffic for a business. By taking advantage of the built-in marketplace that comes with social media, you can increase your SEO, your brand awareness, and the amount of traffic that is generated by your business. For radio stations like WRNR 103.1 FM in Baltimore and Annapolis, social media marketing is an essential tool for building their listening audience and advertising concerts, contests, and special events.

Social media can help build your business by giving you an outlet to provide what the listeners want. By staying on top of social media, WRNR can have a level of connection with the listener that is otherwise unavailable. Dedicated social media marketing helps WRNR provide a level of satisfaction that is invaluable in today’s competitive and oversaturated market. By being able to respond to your online needs and posts, it humanizes the online presence and shows a level of personal attention that is essential to the success of the station. Dedication to customer satisfaction can only have a positive influence on WRNR because even those customers who contact them with a complaint will tell their friends about what an amazing and personal experience they had dealing with WRNR on social media.

The better customer service WRNR can provide helps to build their brand awareness through listener word of mouth when they share links to the station. This in turn can build a loyal customer base that spreads the word to the world through their own social media, thereby helping WRNR’s listener base grow exponentially. If you are not effectively marketing your business on the social network, your business cannot succeed in 2019. By maximizing their social media presence, WRNR can grow into a juggernaut of the airwaves worldwide.

If you are not utilizing social media marketing, you are missing one of the largest outlets for advertising in the world today. Facebook has over a billion users, and through their social media presence, WRNR is able to reach an audience that the air waves can never compete with. To hear more about upcoming concerts and events around Baltimore and Annapolis, or to hear more of today’s best hit music, tune into WRNR 103.1 FM or go to wrnr.com.

The Strategic Use of Email Marketing

The internet is a beautiful thing. Over the years it has grown and evolved and has become a juggernaut that commands the attention of everyone and everything. You can find and do anything on the internet. You can now talk to and see your pen pal in China, you can find rare and expensive trinkets not found in stores, you can stay informed on what is happening in the world from multiple sources, and you can listen to all of today’s hit music on 103.1 FM WRNR from anywhere in the world. There are multiple ways to reach these prospective listeners all over the world. You can put yourself out there on the multiple social media platforms, you can work to build your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and you can use email.

Email was one of the first gifts the internet brought us. It was helping us stay connected long before the days of Facebook and before there were search engines. Email marketing is an art. If you are anything like me, your inbox is full of email blasts that you have not read or taken the time to delete. However, email is a very adaptable method for marketing your business. Instead of putting a thought on your social media profile that can be seen by anyone who cares to take notice, email marketing can help you directly target the people and groups you want to target, and then adapt your emails to each one. By finding a way to help personalize your emails, you can actually make your prospective listeners feel like you are talking specifically to them, even though you just sent out ten thousand identical emails.

The benefits of email marketing are vast. You can reach anyone in the world with email, and shortly after they receive the information, you will know if it hit home with them based on how they respond. Email is a tried and true method of reaching the masses, and if used properly, email marketing can help spread a local radio station like 103.1 FM WRNR to people all over the world. To listen live please visit wrnr.com!

The Benefits of SEO Marketing for Radio

If you need to know who’s playing at Ram’s Head Live in Downtown Annapolis, or if you want to know what radio station to listen to in Annapolis to hear today’s latest hits from Halsey, Vampire Weekend, or Young the Giant, how are you going to figure it out? If you are like anyone else in the world today, you search online for exactly what it is you are looking for, and you will find that WRNR 103.1 is the station to listen to. But why did WRNR pop up I the search engine?

They show up there, partly based on the words you used in your search, Google thought that those listings would help you find what you are looking for. The larger reason they popped up is because of their SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a marketing technique that targets quality traffic by utilizing research that determines what key words and phrases are used most frequently when searching for something specific online, and then uses those words and phrases to help search engines know what a web page specializes in. There are algorithms that search engines use to know which websites to direct you to based on what you are searching for. It is important to understand how these algorithms work and how to build your web presence with quality content and services that can make you stand out from your competition. By keeping the website up to date with all the latest technology and knowledge necessary to maximize the SEO, WRNR can keep their station relevant to a search engine. WRNR utilizes digital marketing and other techniques to increase their SEO and get the word out that you need to tune your radio to 103.1 when you are in Annapolis.

The world is changing every day, and so is the way that we do business. WRNR knows the importance of staying on top of the latest trends in SEO marketing and this helps to utilize their marketing budget. It costs money to make money, and by properly handling their SEO marketing, WRNR can maximize the results they are getting from the marketing budget. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and in order to have a successful radio station in 2019, you have to manage your SEO marketing properly. To hear more of today’s biggest hits, tune into 103.1 FM or go to wrnr.com.

Utilizing Digital Marketing to Reach Listeners Worldwide

There was a time when people got all of their information from the radio. The family would huddle around it every night after supper to catch up on all the important happenings around the globe, and then listen to their favorite radio program. Times have changed. Today the radio is mostly used digitally online. People still listen in their cars and while they are at work, but where the radio really gets people’s attention is when they are listening online. It is important for radio stations like WRNR to be able to get their name out there so the people know where to go for the latest in today’s popular music. Digital marketing is huge for radio stations like WRNR. It is the digital marketing campaign that builds the digital footprint and gets the music of WRNR to the ears of the consumer.

Marketing is defined as the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service, and digital marketing would be the way that a company does this electronically online. One of the largest benefits to digital marketing is that it can give a company immediate feedback and numbers that show exactly how well the efforts are working. When consumers click on an advertisement or a link, the business knows right then that that particular campaign was effective. This is a level of feedback that is simply unavailable when it comes to offline marketing. Digital marketing can help stations like WRNR know exactly where the advertising dollars are best spent based on which campaigns generate the most traffic. It can also help them know what areas are bringing the most attention to the station.

Digital marketing can provide a smaller, local station like WRNR with a worldwide marketplace previously only available to larger, national stations. By being able to reach as many people as the competitor for a nominal fee, digital marketing allows the salt of the Earth stations like WRNR to compete with powerhouse stations that have a nationwide audience on a level playing field. Not only does digital marketing allow them to compete with these stations, but it also helps them know who all the competitors are. The appropriate digital marketing campaign can actually be used to analyze the competitor’s digital marketing strategies and use that information to help gain a competitive advantage.

In addition to being able to play music for a global audience and compete with larger stations, digital marketing can be utilized to ensure that WRNR can reach listeners all over the world. Digital marketing allows for a connectedness with the listeners that offline avenues simply do not provide. Make sure to go to wrnr.com for more information about today’s hits and cool upcoming events like Woodstock 50.

Web Design’s Effect on Digital Marketing

I remember in the early days of the internet, it was impressive just to see pictures and maybe even a little sound on a website. Today web design is on an entirely different level and is key to any digital marketing strategy that a company may have. The graphic design of websites works to make them appealing to the eye. Then videos, testimonials, and music get added to round out the entire package of a website. Media content is crucial when designing the website and digital marketing campaign for a radio station like 103.1 FM WRNR in Annapolis and Baltimore. Web design in 2019 is pivotal to the success of businesses. Not only to catch the attention of the consumer, but in order to be found by a prospective client.

Many websites get revamped in order to improve their SEO, Search Engine Optimization. SEO works to ensure that a website can be found by a search engine such as Google or Yahoo!. In order for the SEO to be effective, it is important that a website is designed in a manner that makes it responsive. If a website doesn’t respond properly when it’s pulled up, the user will most likely move on. For any digital marketing push to be successful, it is important that the content of the website be appealing and functional. When a consumer clicks on a digital ad, it needs to work and it needs to direct them to a website that is easy to use and navigate while drawing them in.

What we are talking about here is User Experience. It doesn’t matter what your product is, if the User Experience is negative, they will not use your product or recommend it to other possible clients. Think about it for a moment. . . if you run a restaurant, and all of your servers are dirty and rude to the guests, and the orders came out wrong or incomplete, you’ll have an empty restaurant. The same idea applies to web design. Your web design needs to show that you care about the experience your client has. When a customer is looking at a website for their local radio station, they need to be able to access information that relates to the music they care about, the contests they want to participate in, and the concerts they want to attend. The website needs to be fast, and it needs to look and behave in a consumer-friendly manner. This web attention comes from the digital marketing efforts.

At the end of the day, websites are like human beings; none of them are perfect. They need to be adjusted, changed, and upgraded as needed so that your business can stay at the top of the digital food chain. Your web design is crucial to your digital marketing strategy. It is the first step, and no matter what you are trying to accomplish, if you cannot take the first step, you will never reach your goal. For more information, please visit wrnr.com.

Building Your SEO

No building was built without a foundation. No puzzle was finished with just one piece. No company is complete without a proper website and well-built Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is extremely important to building internet traffic and there is a science behind it. RNR Digital has mastered that science, and the professionals at
RNR Digital are kings of their craft.

Search Engine Optimization is a series of tactics used to help your website rank higher on search engines like Google and Yahoo! The higher your rank is, the more visible your company will be to consumers. There are a couple of key components that the search engines use when determining a company’s rank among the plethora of competing companies and websites. A company’s authority is based on the consumer’s opinion of the site and the sites dependability. A company’s relevance is based on how pertinent the content of the website is to the consumers query.

RNR Digital has the knowledge and expertise to increase a company’s authority because they understand the importance of knowing a websites demographic. RNR Digital will take the goals of a website and direct them to the proper audience. If a website is being visited by their target clientele, it is far more likely that the site will rank high in the areas of consumer opinion of the product and its dependability. If you sell an apple to someone who only eats oranges, it is not likely that the orange eater will hold your services in high regard. But if you sell an apple to someone who eats apples, and not only do you sell them an apple, but you sell them an apple like no other apple they’ve ever tasted, a honey crisp for example, that customer will be singing your praises forever. RNR Digital can turn your website in the honey crisp apple of the internet, which can help build your SEO.

RNR Digital also has the tools and expertise to help increase the relevance of your website. The secret here lies in keyword research. RNR Digital has done the leg work. RNR Digital knows that the perfect keyword is relevant to the website, it is unique enough that your website’s competitors are not using it, yet not so unique that consumers are not searching for it. There are not a lot of words that can fit these three criteria, but RNR Digital has the professionals who work tirelessly to fill such necessary blanks. It is crucial to increase the authority and relevance of your website if you want to increase your SEO and build your business, and RNR Digital specializes in doing just that.

Please make sure to contact the professionals at RNR Digital for all your web design, digital marketing needs.

The Relationship Between Web Design and SEO

It’s 2019. . . I seriously doubt there is anyone out there who feels that the design of their website is not directly related to the success of their business. What I do expect is that there are very few who know exactly WHY web design is so important. It is far more than simply an aesthetic issue, a functionality issue, or a content issue. There is a science behind the correlation behind the proportionality of a business’ success to its web design.
An online study was done, titled Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, and this study was looking at the factors that created trust from the consumers of health websites, and whether or not content and different design features contributed to trust, and if so, how. The researchers were surprised to find that the design of a web page played a much larger role than its content when it comes to a consumers trust or lack thereof. It was assumed that even though this study was directed toward health websites, the results should hold true for any website. Pop up ads, slow loading times, small print, boring layout and design, and busy or complex layouts all contributed to the consumers mistrust. The professionals at RNR Digital are well versed in the science of web design and know exactly what should and should not be implemented in order to build your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and your consumers trust.
Web design and content go hand in hand. If the web design is boring and ineffective, the content of the website will never be seen. Thusly, if the content is lacking, sure, the web design may have gotten the consumer to read it, but will they consume your product? Will they trust you?
RNR Digital has people who know when one side of this equation is lacking, and they know how to build it up in order to increase your SEO.
The experts at RNR Digital know that while it is important to stay on top of the latest trends in web design, you cannot get too hung up on them because trends are fleeting and, ideally, your business will not be. It is important to design a website that is not only rewarding to the consumer, but to the search engine as well. The people at RNR Digital have studied this science and know exactly what your web site needs to not only draw in the consumers, but to build the SEO that brings them in in the first place.

Please make sure to contact the professionals at 410-626-0103.

Breaking the Disconnect Via Social Media

Have you ever been on Facebook and gotten thoroughly distracted from the messages your friend was sending you because you saw a link that mentioned a new album from TOOL so you clicked on the More Details button? The next thing you knew, you fell down a rabbit hole of different music news and videos from bands you did not know existed so you just kept clicking and clicking just to find out more inside information about that new TOOL album! Well, if you’re anything like me and this has happened to you, then you have fallen prey to a form of Social Media Marketing. With each click you were actually boosting each website, whether you realized it or not. Social Media Marketing is a huge tool that businesses utilize to help draw in new clientele, and when you need information about things going on in popular music, you should just go to wrnr.com.

But how will you know that 103.1 FM WRNR is your leader in everything about today’s hit music? Billions of people use the various social media sites on a daily basis. Social Media Marketing is a tool that businesses use in order to put themselves in the sight line of their desired audience. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are just a few of the social media platforms that are visited by people all around the world each day. By advertising on these sites, businesses can reach people that would otherwise go through life unaware of the existence of companies like WRNR.

One of the biggest down sides of Social Media Marketing is the time that it consumes. Social Media Marketing is a tool that needs to be nurtured minute by minute not just to bloom, but to survive. It is important to have the proper resources in place to respond to requests that you will be receiving. In order for social media marketing to build loyal customers who spread the news about WRNR through word of mouth, you have to be there for them. Social Media marketing needs to come with a personal touch and the type of service that removes the disconnect that exists between the company and the consumer through internet commerce. 103.1 FM WRNR is there for the people of Annapolis and Baltimore to provide the latest hit music, and you can get more information through their Facebook page by searching for 103.1 FM WRNR.

The Value of Mobile Apps

Cell phones rule the world. Thus, mobile apps have become a huge part of business today. If you want to have a successful business, you must have a simple, functional, and effective mobile app. Radio stations like 103.1 FM WRNR in Annapolis and Baltimore need to make sure that the mobile apps they offer provide easy access to the radio content, music, and news that consumers are looking for, all in one swipe.

A mobile app is an application that is designed specifically to run on smaller hand-held devices, like smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps function in a manner very familiar to the way your computer would function, but they are designed for devices with smaller software footprints and a more limited function. Mobile apps are usually designed with a much more specific function than the programs that run on your computer.

In the world of mobile apps it is important, especially for radio stations like 103.1 FM WRNR, to stay current with the latest trends in the world of mobile app development technology. Convenience is king – today’s consumer is always looking for a way to make things easier and more convenient. Radio stations are no different. The easier it is for the DJs to access music digitally and share data, the happier they will be in their job. Everyone knows that a happy DJ is far more entertaining than a depressing DJ. A happy DJ capable of captivating an audience can build ratings faster, and higher ratings lead to higher profits. Once you have a functional mobile app that can be delivered to the public, it can take a local radio station worldwide if marketed properly. In today’s world it is critical to have a functional and streamlined mobile app that can adapt in our ever-changing technological environment. For more information please visit wrnr.com.

The NEW “Door to Door” Salesman

In an era of mass media, the information we get is often remote and impersonal. Especially in online advertising and marketing, the “human element” is often lost; and even costumers who go to a store or office often end up waiting their turn before being served; often by unfamiliar and impersonal strangers. (more…)

How to Start Your Newsletter

writing a newsletterCreating a newsletter is really one of the easiest, most effective and inexpensive way to connect with both your customers and your employees as well. But a newsletter has to be done right to be effective.

Here are some tips to make your newsletter more effective:

Name your Newsletter. Be creative. ”Amalgamated Widgets” may be your company name, but it‘s hardly something that grabs your attention. And the point is to attract attention. Think out of the box, like “Widget Wonderings”, or “Widget World”. Don’t be afraid to be creative.  You’re not testifying before Congress, you’re attracting clients and customers.

Avoid Hype: Your newsletter should be informative, but not a sales pitch.   Articulate your goals, values, quality and integrity. (more…)

Online Video Marketing: Communication & Customer Service


Internet users DO read articles online, if it meets their interests. More often, they simply search for keywords and links related to those interests.


Videos are crucial for online marketing because they allow interaction and increased engagement with potential customers. The trick is first, to entice the user to select your link, and then make them stay long enough to get your pitch. Your pitch is what makes them buy. (more…)

Making Videos Work


Online video offers what was once limited to expensive TV advertising: reach and emotional engagement with potential customers. But unlike expensive TV advertising, it’s relatively cheap and can provide almost immediate response and measurable feedback.


Importing television-style advertising is not the solution. That’s because Internet and television are two completely different video experiences. Television is a “lean back”, essentially passive “sit down and watch” experience. The Internet is “lean forward” — users are actively controlling their experience. Interactivity means the viewer is in control. With TV, viewers can just change the channel, but with the internet, they just might talk back. (more…)

Advertising on the “Mobile Web”


Web-savvy companies have already adapted their marketing strategies to exploit the internet’s global reach. Internet advertising is now common practice for companies wanting to exploit  an  expanding base of “computer literate” customers. But there is one area on the web that is still underused as a source of on-line advertising. If you are already a player on the web showcasing your products and services, it may be time to be a player on the mobile web as well.

Mobile phones have evolved from “portable telephones”  to “mini-computers”. Now, Just about anything you can do on your computer or laptop can now be done on a mobile device that is essentially a small but highly functional computer. (more…)

The Advantages of Online Video Marketing


In one month in 2010, 172 million people in the United States watched online videos, an average of 14.6 hours per viewer, and websites that have specific content, such as gaming sites, career opportunities, or on-line product offers had the highest number of online visitors – more than news and sports websites.


That’s an opportunity to reach more potential customers than TV or print ads.


Online marketing has the reach and accessibility of television, (more…)

“Tuned In” or Turned Off?

A recent study found that 66% of online users have viewed an online video advertisement. Obviously, online videos have advantages for businesses. A video can visually display and describe a product in detail. And the display not a static photo but something that can be move and be manipulated virtually. It has depth and is interactive.

Studies have found that 40% of internet users who view online video advertisements have visited the web site mentioned in the video, and 15% subsequently requested product information.

Businesses also gain high recognition for their products by having ads circulating on the web. The most effective form of advertisement is a well-made video  (more…)

“Moving” on the Internet

Statistics show that while TV advertising is dropping, Internet advertising is rising.  Website marketing is interactive, It’s the advertisement and also the store itself, with little or no “down time” between seeing the product and purchasing it.

Our brains are wired to react to movement. Movement automatically directs our attention to what’s moving more than something that is static and inert. Even with the advances in computer interactivity, too many websites offering products or services use static text and graphic “billboards”. When we shop in person, we want to “feel” the object – its size, weight, and color.  With a website video we can see the object as it is in life; not a static picture, but an object with depth and perspective: a moving image that “tells a story” or sells a product or service.

If a “picture is worth a thousand words”, then how much more is a moving picture worth?

With hundreds of websites waiting along the virtual highway, which one of them will get the attention; the static “billboard” or the actual “working” object?   In a world saturated with products and advertising, getting a potential costumer to your location and buy the product or service you’re selling, you need to be on the cutting edge.

While magazine advertisements use color, graphics and text to catch your eye, there’s no movement. Television advertising adds movement, but there is no way to immediately purchase the product or service. The TV ad imposes a time lag between seeing the product and acquiring it. Both are one dimensional. A video is three dimensional; it allows a virtual inspection of an object or location in “real time”: it can move, or change color like a chameleon on command.  We can “browse” and “buy” without leaving our chair.

Allow All Users to Experience Your Content

Thinking man“How often should I…?” is one of the most common beginnings to questions when it comes to any aspect of online marketing.  Unfortunately there isn’t always a clear cut answer for every part of the equation.  Even if you follow other successful businesses’ formulas when it comes to blog and social media schedule there is no guarantee that your followers will engage your efforts similarly.

According to information gathered by online research company Visibli, the average Facebook post has already received more than half of its “likes” before the time it is ninety minutes old.  Following the first few hours’ engagement slows a bit until the average post has almost (more…)

Deliver the Content Your Customers Want

video (1)Providing your customers with quality content is essential for online marketing success, but failing to provide the type that your connections are looking for can result in missed opportunities.  You need to create content that is related and relatable to your product or service in order to have the greatest impact with both your current customers and prospects.

Prior to pouring every bit of your online marketing efforts into a single medium you’ve got to take the time to figure out if that medium will be the most effective means of reaching your target customer.  Step outside of the business owner mindset and view your approach to (more…)

Focus on More Than Profits for Long Term Success

first dollarGetting and framing that first dollar earned is a powerful moment in any business owner’s memories.  In order to ensure future successes you’ve got to focus on more than just how much money you are bringing in though.

A successful online marketing strategy is not something that you will likely see astonishing results from immediately.  Developing your business blog and social media profiles, researching keywords and implementing a sound SEO strategy are all things that will take time to develop.  If you do them properly though, you will establish yourself (more…)