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Utilizing Digital Marketing to Reach Listeners Worldwide

There was a time when people got all of their information from the radio. The family would huddle around it every night after supper to catch up on all the important happenings around the globe, and then listen to their favorite radio program. Times have changed. Today the radio is mostly used digitally online. People still listen in their cars and while they are at work, but where the radio really gets people’s attention is when they are listening online. It is important for radio stations like WRNR to be able to get their name out there so the people know where to go for the latest in today’s popular music. Digital marketing is huge for radio stations like WRNR. It is the digital marketing campaign that builds the digital footprint and gets the music of WRNR to the ears of the consumer.

Marketing is defined as the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service, and digital marketing would be the way that a company does this electronically online. One of the largest benefits to digital marketing is that it can give a company immediate feedback and numbers that show exactly how well the efforts are working. When consumers click on an advertisement or a link, the business knows right then that that particular campaign was effective. This is a level of feedback that is simply unavailable when it comes to offline marketing. Digital marketing can help stations like WRNR know exactly where the advertising dollars are best spent based on which campaigns generate the most traffic. It can also help them know what areas are bringing the most attention to the station.

Digital marketing can provide a smaller, local station like WRNR with a worldwide marketplace previously only available to larger, national stations. By being able to reach as many people as the competitor for a nominal fee, digital marketing allows the salt of the Earth stations like WRNR to compete with powerhouse stations that have a nationwide audience on a level playing field. Not only does digital marketing allow them to compete with these stations, but it also helps them know who all the competitors are. The appropriate digital marketing campaign can actually be used to analyze the competitor’s digital marketing strategies and use that information to help gain a competitive advantage.

In addition to being able to play music for a global audience and compete with larger stations, digital marketing can be utilized to ensure that WRNR can reach listeners all over the world. Digital marketing allows for a connectedness with the listeners that offline avenues simply do not provide. Make sure to go to wrnr.com for more information about today’s hits and cool upcoming events like Woodstock 50.