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Our Approach

Internet Marketing is a marathon; not a 100-yard dash. It requires a short-term and long-term strategy and an ongoing commitment to quality and content. We access the goals of the client and work together to meet them within a realistic budget. Then we go to work to prepare a proposal that address these goals.

In the past, the goal of most business websites was to just have a presence that they could share with clients and potential clients and to have a web address to put on a business card. Businesses were happy that they could replace the need for literature with a website and PDF-file downloads.

But now businesses are seeing that their site needs to be more than just a few pages about what they do. They want their website to be searchable. They want their website to be more than just a “pretty face”. Well, if you hire a designer that does not have an intimate knowledge of search engine optimization and content management, you may end up with a great looking site that is not showing up in the Search Engines.

We can design a site for you that not only looks great and works great. It will be designed in a way that it serves as a foundation for an effective Internet Marketing campaign. That means it will have a content management system. It will generate smart content rich urls to each page. And it will be managed and monitored by our expert team.

In addition to designing a website, we will host and manage the site. Some of our management services include ongoing SEO of content, backup of the site (and sending it to you each week as a zip-file), keeping the software and plug-ins up-to-date, creating a new XML file each week… and much more.

RNRdigital Internet Marketing Service Plans

SEO Services

We are committed to creating great search engine result pages for our clients. This is accomplished through a combination of SEO-friendly techniques that rely on an effective website design and structure followed by a myriad of optimization techniques, link-building, article and blog writing and other services our clients choose from to fit their needs and budget.