Mutli-Feed Content Creation

Multi-Feed Content WritingThis is a unique service that we provide to our clients. What we do is we research your industry and we find the best news sources. For example, for RNRdigital, there are news sources like Smashing Magazine and Kissmetrics that are are creating newsworthy content that is relevant and useful to our clients. So, we add articles from those sites right into our blog. We bring in about 30 articles a month from about six different sources. Each article populates a blog posting and stays on our site for 2 – 3 weeks. The new content expires but is replaced by fresh content from these sources.

If you go to our Blog or or News page, you can see the content and the credited source. And if you click on a link in the articles, the content pops open in a window. That way your visitor never leaves your website. You will also see a scrolling news frame that provides an alternative choice for accessing these articles.

The advantages to this marketing technique are:

  • Search Engines reward websites that create links to relevant, quality resources. This in turn helps to increase page rank among all of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, etc.)
  • Your website becomes more useful and interesting to your visitors and increases the likelihood that they will return and that they will subscribe to your News Feed.
  • It is a turnkey solution that feeds 20 – 50 articles into your website each month. We do all of the work in getting the articles into your site and making them look great.

We can also leave all of the articles in your site but we usually set a time limit of 2, 3 or 4 weeks and then remove them. That method leaves your site with fresh content that is also constantly changing.

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