Content Writing

The key to garnering a favorable page rank from Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines is to have ongoing original content added to your website. This usually takes the form of articles but is commonly called business blogging.

Most business owners are overwhelmed by the prospect of writing as a new chore. But this proven marketing model works. So, don’t avoid the task. Just let us help you do it. We have a top-notch group of writers that have a very diverse background. They are professional writers that will be dedicated to your site and committed to providing first-rate articles for your business.

We can write as many articles a week as you need and our pricing varies by the length of the article and the number of links within the article(s) to your site. For 3 articles a week, prices start at only $495 per month. That’s 150 articles a year for only $495 per month. Contact us right away for a quote based on your marketing, website and budgetary goals by clicking here or by simply calling us at 443-994-2511.

Among all of the methods for driving traffic to your business website, creating ongoing, fresh content to a blog is the most effective. Google and the other search engines reward great content by placing what they consider to be the best websites on the 1st page. And if your website is properly designed with a Content Management System (CMS), than this task is fairly straight-forward.

Our services includes writing relevant and timely blog articles to your website. Each article is professionally written,  edited and optimized. Proper optimization is crical to helping the search engines to fully understand and format the search results. Proper optimization greatly increases the likelihood of your page showing up.

But what is most important to a campaign like this is the long-term commitment to creating content. Google rewards sites that are a positive resource to its community. So, if your site is only about your services, blogging about recent events, news, ideas, stories and opinions can help convert your site to a resource. That philosophy will help propel your site into the top ranking pages among the search engines.

But do not be overwhelmed by this task.

RNRdigital will do it all for you. We will write up to 5 articles per week. We will optimize them and report back to you with weekly status reports and monthly analytic reports to help you keep track of your website progress. We even place a nice graphic image to enhance each article. The resulting new content will greatly enhance your site and help Google and the rest justify high page ranks.

Our Blog Writing Services include:

  • Research of most effective blog writing subjects
  • Creation of fresh, unique articles (avg. length of 300 – 320 words per article)
  • Every article includes an image
  • Every article is optimized to maximize page rank
  • Every article includes relevant internal links

We take all of the worries by giving you a complete solution. You can pay for page rank by signing up for a pay-per-click campaign. But that will only give you good results on one search engine. If you invest in making your website a great resource to your clients and your business community, you will EARN great (free) organic results.

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