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I have a younger brother. His name is Jeff and he has a company called Plants Alive. His company provides commercial plant rentals to businesses for offices and events. His website is www.plants-alive.com. He has had this site for a few yeas now and it gets a decent amount of traffic. Plants Alive is one of the leading plant rental firms in the Washington DC area. Check out his site.  It’s clean and functional.

As a favor, I decided to redesign his website. I have been studying website design and Internet Marketing for a couple of years now and I have developed a lot of expertise in creating websites and developing them to attract traffic on Google and other search engines. My efforts have been very successful in helping me grow my business. So, I thought I would help my brother. The site that I designed is at http://pademo.ofyourwebsite.com. The site has content management and SEO tools built-in. I also want to sign my brother up to have ongoing fresh content written for his website. With his current site, he has to rely on the programmer if he wants new content added or changed.

The objection that my brother has to the new website is that he simply does not like the way it looks. I told him that I can change the header image(s) and that I also feel that the menu buttons are not strong enough. But I am reluctant to invest money into a site to have it customized if he is never going to commit to using it.

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