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I recently started noticing some new traffic on the websites that we host and manage. What was unusual was that the sites were showing up as referral sites on almost every one of our websites. Our sites all get traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and such. But the 2nd and… read more

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is essentially a methodology used to increase the amount of visitors to a specific website. By achieving a higher “ranking” your placement in the list of similar websites is higher on the ”results” page of a search engine. Search engines are programs like Google, Bing… read more

No, we don’t mean sans serif or Italic, but producing and distributing an informational or technical newsletter to a specifically targeted “audience” of readers. There are three general categories of newsletters: Promotional/Marketing Newsletters “Relationship” Newsletters Professional Newsletters. Promotional Newsletters, also known as Marketing Newsletters are used by businesses to promote,… read more

Why drive a Yugo when you can drive a Ferrari? Parallax is the cutting edge for websites, and is perfect for businesses relying on the internet for advertising and building a customer base, especially for those customers just entering the market.  Parallax technology creates  a three dimensional effect that engages … read more

Parallax means “The displacement or the difference in apparent direction of an object as seen from two different points not on a straight line with the object”. Right.  Now in plain English: “In web design, parallax refers to the scrolling technique used to create the illusion of depth on websites.”  … read more

Parallax is defined as “a difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight.” The Parallax effect or, parallax scrolling, in web design is a technique using layered images that move around at the website in different speeds/perspectives in the website, creating a sort… read more

It sounds like something the Millennium Falcon might accidentally wander into, but Responsive Parallax Websites are the interactive models for next generation computers. The term merely describes a website that uses responsive design and features vertical parallax scrolling. OK. Yoda will explain: Responsive Web Design is a website using HTML5… read more

The first web pages appeared in August of 1991, as a simple, text-based page with some links.  It basically told what the World Wide Web was all about. For the archeologically minded, a copy of the the website still exists online. Early sites were entirely text-based, with minimal graphics and no “layout”… read more

…or at least, the uninformed. What is Responsive Design? Well, imagine you just opened a blog, a website, or this article on your iPad, mobile phone or desktop. With Responsive Design, you will see the layout of the article automatically adjusted so that it fits the width of your browser.… read more

I found this remarkable graph.  It shows the percentage of traffic on Google that clicks-thru to a website based on the search results position on the page. As you can see, the first position garners nearly one-third of all of the clicks. The number two position gets about 17% of… read more

Getting visitors to find your sight can be achieved by one of two methods; pay-per-click (PPC) and organically. Pay-per-click means you are paying Google, Yahoo, Bing and others for high placement on search results. Usually these spots are called “Sponsored Links”. These results are based on bidding for keyword phrases.… read more

So, I had thought that I was doing the right things. I built a website with content management and SEO capabilities. I am, obviously, blogging about my business in a way that is helpful to my business community.  And my site has done very well in attracting new business. I… read more