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PowerListings are business listings made simple.

Quickly updated. Always accurate. Descriptions, photos, videos, Special Offers.
Get set up in minutes…for one low price.


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Always Accurate.Check

All your listings are updated from the information you provide, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
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You’ve Got Control.

Your listings will never get overwritten by anyone else once you’ve created them.



SpecialStand Out.

You get an exclusive Special Offer text unit with your Powerlistings, that you can update instantly on most sites!

Add detailed descriptions, photos & videos to stand out from your competition.


Fast results.

Once you hit go, your listings will be live on select sites within 24 hours… with some up as quickly as 5 minutes!

Easy to maintain.

PowerListings gives you a simple and powerful interface to update or add information, photos, videos, etc. – any time you want.


Quick Setup

The process to set up PowerListings on all our sites takes just minutes.

Know how you’re doing.

Doing ItOnly Yext gives you daily statistics on how many views your business profile got on each site, as well as the number of searches you appear on. See how your marketing and offers are performing!

It’s cheap!

You get all of the above features on premium sites across our network for just $33 a month.


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