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Breaking the Disconnect Via Social Media

Have you ever been on Facebook and gotten thoroughly distracted from the messages your friend was sending you because you saw a link that mentioned a new album from TOOL so you clicked on the More Details button? The next thing you knew, you fell down a rabbit hole of different music news and videos from bands you did not know existed so you just kept clicking and clicking just to find out more inside information about that new TOOL album! Well, if you’re anything like me and this has happened to you, then you have fallen prey to a form of Social Media Marketing. With each click you were actually boosting each website, whether you realized it or not. Social Media Marketing is a huge tool that businesses utilize to help draw in new clientele, and when you need information about things going on in popular music, you should just go to wrnr.com.

But how will you know that 103.1 FM WRNR is your leader in everything about today’s hit music? Billions of people use the various social media sites on a daily basis. Social Media Marketing is a tool that businesses use in order to put themselves in the sight line of their desired audience. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are just a few of the social media platforms that are visited by people all around the world each day. By advertising on these sites, businesses can reach people that would otherwise go through life unaware of the existence of companies like WRNR.

One of the biggest down sides of Social Media Marketing is the time that it consumes. Social Media Marketing is a tool that needs to be nurtured minute by minute not just to bloom, but to survive. It is important to have the proper resources in place to respond to requests that you will be receiving. In order for social media marketing to build loyal customers who spread the news about WRNR through word of mouth, you have to be there for them. Social Media marketing needs to come with a personal touch and the type of service that removes the disconnect that exists between the company and the consumer through internet commerce. 103.1 FM WRNR is there for the people of Annapolis and Baltimore to provide the latest hit music, and you can get more information through their Facebook page by searching for 103.1 FM WRNR.