So, I began earnestly studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques about a year ago. I learned about how to design an effective website and I was able to increase the traffic to this website by 400% (per month) in one year. I used to think that having a flashy website
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Marketing has changed. I am certain it will continue to change but the developments over the last few years have been unusually dramatic. I have tried all kinds of marketing ideas. I’ve done direct mail, radio, TV, print ads in the Washington Post and other ideas. Some of these have
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As you are marketing your business, do you know how people find you? In the past, we have used print media, radio, direct mail and other techniques to attract business. And when calls came in, at some point during the conversation, we would ask the potential new client a simple
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So, I have been blogging for a little while. I write about IT and Internet Marketing and Business issues. And I thought that just be making hyperlinks in my blog that point to my website that I was creating an effective blogging campaign. I was only partially right. Blogging is
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I have come up with a list of issues for you to work on that will enhance your SEO results. Create 10-12 primary keyword phrases and put them in your meta tags on your landing pages. Additional keywords can be developed but that is the role of your blog. If
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It works! Do we need to say any more? If you found us on Google or Yahoo that is because our Internet Marketing techniques work. We start by analyzing your site. This means we put code into your pages that generates analytics. The analytics provide a baseline of current activity.
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Well, I have been researching the internet on how best to monitor my website. I searched around and found that there are a few monitoring tools. The best I could fine is free! First of all, it is important to understand why analytical information about your website is necessary. What
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