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Social Media is a huge part of our society today. It is how we stay in touch with those we love, how we kill time, and one of the greatest marketing tools a business can use. Utilizing Facebook and other social networking sites as a part of a marketing strategy
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The internet is a beautiful thing. Over the years it has grown and evolved and has become a juggernaut that commands the attention of everyone and everything. You can find and do anything on the internet. You can now talk to and see your pen pal in China, you can
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If you need to know who’s playing at Ram’s Head Live in Downtown Annapolis, or if you want to know what radio station to listen to in Annapolis to hear today’s latest hits from Halsey, Vampire Weekend, or Young the Giant, how are you going to figure it out? If
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There was a time when people got all of their information from the radio. The family would huddle around it every night after supper to catch up on all the important happenings around the globe, and then listen to their favorite radio program. Times have changed. Today the radio is
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I remember in the early days of the internet, it was impressive just to see pictures and maybe even a little sound on a website. Today web design is on an entirely different level and is key to any digital marketing strategy that a company may have. The graphic design
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No building was built without a foundation. No puzzle was finished with just one piece. No company is complete without a proper website and well-built Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is extremely important to building internet traffic and there is a science behind it. RNR Digital has mastered
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It’s 2019. . . I seriously doubt there is anyone out there who feels that the design of their website is not directly related to the success of their business. What I do expect is that there are very few who know exactly WHY web design is so important. It
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Have you ever been on Facebook and gotten thoroughly distracted from the messages your friend was sending you because you saw a link that mentioned a new album from TOOL so you clicked on the More Details button? The next thing you knew, you fell down a rabbit hole of
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Cell phones rule the world. Thus, mobile apps have become a huge part of business today. If you want to have a successful business, you must have a simple, functional, and effective mobile app. Radio stations like 103.1 FM WRNR in Annapolis and Baltimore need to make sure that the
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